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Take a mini ‘time out’. We know when we are feeling tired or stressed, but the tendency is to push on until it’s too late. Instead, why not take a little time out of each day just to be – to breathe, to look at nature, to take a walk, to take a bath…and preferably, to enjoy some quiet! Even a few minutes of quiet can be very beneficial. And if you feel so inclined, you can add…


Meditation and/or deep breathing…meditation is simply a chance to quiet your busy mind for a few minutes. It does not have to result in any mind blowing revelations but it often can lead to inspired thought (which may come some time after you meditate). Just sit, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If you catch yourself “thinking” that’s ok, just gently bring your mind back to your breathing. There are many meditation techniques available and even audio tracks that help, but even just being quiet and focussing on breathing can help you to calm down and see things more clearly.


Make a list! Again, it sounds obvious, but many sleepless nights are the result of all those ‘things to do’ that are just dangling around in a chaotic fashion in your mind. By writing things down, you see more clearly what needs to be done and how you can do it. Furthermore, it engages the reticular cortex of your brain and recruits it to help you complete the tasks. To make your list even more effective, start it with the words “I am so happy and grateful that I have easily and quickly completed the following…” ☺








Segment – we work best in 40minute segments and our minds absorb smaller chunks better than huge amounts. So break things up – and give each segment your full attention. Then, if you get tired or bored, take a short break and preferably do some kind of exercise for a few minutes – it releases endorphins and gets the blood pumping to the brain.


Be Grateful! This may sound strange but we get more of what we put our focus on. It’s so easy to beat yourself up, to remember only the things that went wrong, or list all your own inadequacies. But if instead, you can start and end your day by thinking of all the things in your life that you appreciate – friends, family, trees, that one amazing note in your last lesson, music, food…whatever, then this becomes a habit and you will start noticing more and more things to be happy about.


Start with the end in mind! This is an extension of writing things down, but if you really think about it you know you will reach your goal – you will scale those walls – you will get to the end of the year in one piece. So why not start out with that destination in your focus? When obstacles come up, as they do, remember that you will make it – you will! Then re-focus on the end result, and the journey there will become easier, quicker and more fun.


Have fun! YES, enjoy your friends, socialise, go out, but maybe make it the reward for having done some work or practise! But also – have fun with the work! If you are finding your practice or study to be overwhelming, frustrating, or mundane – find a way to make it more fun. Take the pressure off yourself, dance around while learning scores, do hammy acting to remember lines or to revise, work with friends. But find a way to bring all your passion and energy and love to the work you are doing. The hours will fly, the work will be done, and you will feel so much better.



There are some things that may help.  We know it can be very hard to eat or sleep properly even though you know good rest and nutrition are so helpful.  So, if you are challenged with either, here are some tips:

1. Turn off all electrical gadgets half an hour before sleep and stop working ☺


2. For some people a warm bath helps


3. If you can take milk – warm milk is good. If not, turkey has the same effect!


4. There are audios available that put your brain into delta, the cycle of sleep.


5. Spirulina – in powder or tablets is a great nutritional boost


6. You can buy Ki  or Astra Forte – immune building supplements


7. Take vitamin c – the powder that comes with hesperidin is good but can only be used for  a limited time ☺


8. Remember to get some fresh air


9. Try to keep your sleep pattern regular, and if you are setting an alarm, it’s easier to wake up at 6 hour, 7.5

    hour, or 9 hour intervals…(etc.) because of the sleep cycles.


10. Do your best to avoid too much talk about people being sick and focus on encouraging calm, healthy

      thoughts in you and everyone around you, then you help others as well as yourself ☺


FINALLY - know that you DESERVE SUCCESS!  You deserve to find your unique path to contribution, creative expression and happiness.  It’s why you are here.  Be your own best friend and cherish yourself and your gifts.  The world needs you and the beauty, talent, energy and love you have to offer.



Kate & Philip