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The thing is, you see, that someone will sing out of tune, someone will be a better dancer than someone else, and people do forget lines (or ‘dry’ as they call it), BUT believe me, NO-ONE ever makes a fool of themselves unless they don’t join in and participate fully. That doesn’t happen either.


Just recently, we had our January workshop and performance (Click here to see more) and it was mind blowing, not for the people who were in it, they were already having a blast everyday - eager to come back and learn the next song, block the next pages of script or learn a new routine, and finally to perform for their family and friends. NO… it was the audience who sat there and MARVELED at how much the students had accomplished in just 5 days and also found the time to do multi-media as well, which was projected onto a large screen for everyone to enjoy as part of the show.


So many wonderful comments. Some for the children and some for us. This program works because of the way it is put together and taught. There is no set way of teaching a workshop, in-fact you have to be hugely flexible in every aspect, because there are so many different types, every single time.


These workshops of course, would not work if Kate Lawson, a talented writer in both word and songs also as a director and choreographer, was not involved alongside her husband - Philip Gould. Both considered veterans in their field as performers, writers, directors with a plethora of knowledge, these artistes are an incomparable duo.


In 10 yrs only 2 shows have ever been repeated and that was because it was requested, all the others were put together in one week (in fact 5 days).


Try a workshop, you may not have thought it to be ‘your thing’, but once you do, you will never look back. You can discover so much about yourself, not only as a person but as a performer. You’ll probably discover something you didn’t know you could do.


We’ll see you there next time!




Philip and Kate




This is an article about helping the young performer understand the importance of taking on new things in order to become better at their craft. The workshop is a very good way to improve and find out things about yourself you didn't know existed, perhaps?



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Hi Everyone,



As you may or may not know, we have been doing Music Theatre Workshops for over 13yrs, giving children and young adults the chance to experience and grow in a workshop environment.


Do you know what a workshop is?


Have you ever done one?


Would you like to?


Well the answer to the first question is pretty easy, for those of you have had a workshop experience. But for those of you who haven’t this could sound pretty scary! For most of us it’s the challenge of stepping out of our comfort zone.


Perhaps you feel more comfortable staying home, going to the swimming pool, going to a friend’s place, doing something that you already know and feel easy about.


That’s great, but it won’t help you learn ways to improve yourself, your craft. You should be finding ways to help those pirouettes or jetes, perhaps you need to improve your improvisational skills, how to learn lines better, sing harmonies, sing in front of others on your own or in a group.


How can you find something that will give you ALL this and more and at the same time make you feel at home, a comfortable place to be, gathered around like-minded people who understand what you love to do - because that is how they feel too!


WORKSHOPS, no big secret. Most of the time, you will find people there who are MORE nervous than you about being there.


Will they cut-it?


Will they make a fool of themselves...


dance as well as others...


sing out of tune...


forget their lines...?


The list would be endless of what is going through their minds as well as your own. The truth of the matter is, MOST OF THEM ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! And the ones who are experienced, are more often than not, so willing to assist you and help with the whole process, that you feel right at home immediately.