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Coping & Thriving


University is unbalanced – that’s obvious.  You have 24 crazy weeks in the year and then months in between with nothing structured apart from your part time job and of course the daily practice of your craft.  But how do you survive those intense weeks of semester time?  In particular, how do you make it through, get it all done and stay happy and healthy?

One primary cause of illness is stress!  Stress and worry take up all our mental, emotional and physical energy, deplete our immune system and waste our time.  Yet they are traps that are so easy to fall into.  It’s clear that worrying won’t help, we all know it, and yet we often fall prey to an endless stream of anxious thoughts that won’t let up.  Another area affected by stress is relationships.  When we’re uptight, we snap at our friends and family, which can lead to upsets and arguments, and, you guessed it, more stress!  Then, before we know it, we find we’re sick and even less able to cope than before

So what can you do to prevent this destructive cycle before it starts?  If you Google it, you’ll find endless sources of advice!  But in our lives we prefer to find one or two ideas that can be USED, rather than wading through hundreds of techniques that we will forget the next day.  So here are a few ideas that have helped our students and us over the years.  Feel free to pick and choose.  We hope there is something here that can help you.  MORE...




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Kate Lawson Gould


Help Us Make This E-Book Go Viral!


Just recently, Kate Lawson Gould re-released her story in an audio, picture e-book form of 'Felix's Wish'. A wonderful Australian story that is sure to become a classic. Written, illustrated, and read by Kate Lawson Gould, is a story the whole family will love. You will get to hear the family playing their own roles as they wend and wind through this delightful tale.
























It can be played on either Mac or PC and there is even a Flash Player version that can be played on both formats. Of course the Mac edition (iBook) can be viewed on an ipad iphone, as well as Apple computers.








 Young Felix, in Felix's Wish by Kate Lawson Gould

This 44 page e-book based on a real story and a real family of 6 children, is all about the time they went to see Santa at a local department store and get a family photo taken. As they were about to leave Santa noticed that one of the children, Felix, hadn't asked for anything for Christmas.


Felix told Santa what he wanted, and it sent both his parents into a spin. Want to know what he said? WELL! the book is only $5 per download, and for every book sold, a generous portion of the sales will be given to children's charities. And let's face it, at this time of year their are some children out there that could do with some cheering up!


HELP US MAKE THIS BOOK GO VIRAL! And we will keep you in the loop as to where we send the donations.





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Elizabeth Debicki

A Star Is Born!










Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby


See Elizabeth in a very in-formal interview BEFORE she became a movie actress, in fact she was fresh out of VCA drama and Performers HUB! noticed her talent.