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Because once the adrenaline rushes wear off, you need to dig much deeper and this is an energy that you can rely upon again and again.


I know from my own experience, I have used this energy, time & time again. I would be going into work (a stage musical) feeling absolutely crappy or upset about something, but once you get out on that stage you call on this energy to lift you into performance mode and it never fails.


I would leave that theatre feeling better than ever, sometimes not even remembering what ailed me in the first place.


Obviously it does take training in order to harness this energy and use it to your advantage, and that is where your college and teachers come in. Rely on them and listen to them and they will instruct you on what is required for everything you are doing.




Just because I used a singer as an example above, this is NOT the only area this is applied, it is used across the board in dancing and acting as well.


Use it to your advantage.


Philip Gould ( Performers HUB!)


This topic is normally one that stumps most performers, especially if they are in-experienced. Because they either do it naturally or they haven’t got a clue and it shows.


how much do you think you need to give a great performance?














This topic is normally one that stumps most performers, because they either do it naturally or they haven’t got a clue and it shows.


Young students who are at the stage of a performing arts college, go through the process of learning about it and what is demanded of them and it quite often shocks them to learn just how much energy is required to complete the smallest of tasks. From dancing to singing and indeed acting - all these demand a lot of, not only mental, but physical energy.


I was just watching a video of a marvellous opera singer by the name of Cecelia Bartolli, she has worked the world over and is no doubt the best at what she does. Her specialty is baroque and renaissance music by such composers as Handel, Ravel, Gabrieli, Bach, Vivaldi, with pieces that are full of ornamentation, flourishes, basically, difficult vocal gymnastics.


The energy this woman uses is unbelievable and you can see it working right to the ends of her fingers and courses through her whole body. If you have never seen her work, watch her on youtube. You’ll be blown away!


The point I am trying to make here is that it takes a hell of a lot more energy than you think to give a great performance, and this energy is your friend, the more you use it the more you get back and it is invigorating and addictive.



Some people call it confidence, others think of it as adrenaline and we are often called ‘Adrenaline junkies’ . While this is partially true, that it is addictive, adrenaline is only part of the picture as is confidence.




Energy - How much do we use