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Made to look easy!

If you’ve found your way to this page, it’s obvious that you have some degree of interest in dance! Whether you’re a full-on dancer who trains for hours every week, or an actor or singer (or both) who understands how important it is to move well. Perhaps you’re a choreographer or teacher of dance…then this is the place for you!

We have been ‘triple threats’ all our lives, and our passion for dance is unbounded! We LOVE dance in all its forms! And we have both worked as professionals in this field all around the world…we have some fun stories to share with you too!

Of course, our exposure to dance in the professional world has been primarily through working in musicals – where we have used almost every style ourselves at some time or other…but as principals who also dance.

So we are well experienced with the ins and outs of maintaining character and telling story through choreography, and controlling our breath so we can finish a HUGE dance routine and then belting out a few final lines of song!

We know about coping with… and preferably PREVENTING injuries…and keeping yourself fit and healthy – whether regular classes are within your reach or not, about surviving long seasons and maintaining your edge and freshness, about the spark that makes you noticed in cattle calls…and a heap of other stuff!

And…we know dance teachers and choreographers who can take your skills and passion for dance to whole new heights. We’ll be introducing you to them as time passes.

Our goal here is to create a forum for ALL of you who love performing – dance, acting, singing…ALL OF IT – to share ideas and grow together…

And we are so excited to hear about how you achieve your goals!

So remember…go to the "Contact Us" page and ask your questions…tell us what you want from us so we can help you be the best dancer you can! And don’t forget to share your dreams and successes with us too! Watch this space for more cool stuff!