A Spotlight For The World Of Entertainers



Whether you act for fun, or are an aspiring or fully fledged professional, one thing is sure, every actor is constantly striving to be more!


Acting is more of a way of life than a job… and whether you are the outgoing, big personality type, always the life of the party and the centre of attention, or the quiet observer, constantly absorbing the characteristics of the people you’re watching…every actor is living their craft each and every day.


Here at Performer’s Hub, we understand that! We too have noticed, in the midst of tragedy, despair, anger and pain…or joy, elation, excitement…the small part of us who is forever watching, noticing what these emotions look like, sound like, feel like…and tucking them away to be “used” at a later date!


Even those “in between” times, when you’re not actively working on a production, (and perhaps even have to take on a ‘proper job’ for a while to make ends meet), can be transformed into opportunities to expand your repertoire of characters, and add to the life experience essential to a deep portrayal of life.


And we are as committed as you are to helping you develop your acting skills- and to become as versatile, brilliant and confident performer as possible.


Quite apart from our many years of combined experience as performers, directors and teachers, we will be bringing in friends of ours, experts in the field, for their insights and perspective, so watch this space.


Over the coming months, you will learn useful tips for inhabiting and researching character, preparing for auditions, memorising texts, being physically ready, overcoming nerves and coping with the unexpected.


And we want to hear from you! What do you most need help with? What are your burning desires, and how can we help you to fulfil them? So please, feel free to ask us your questions, share your dreams, and tell us your stories!


We look forward to getting to know you, and watching your dreams come true.


More soon!