March 22, 2012

Elizabeth Debicki  - A Spotlight Moment

Elizabeth Debicki, Melbourne girl, has been soaking up the limelight lately, ever since she left the confines of the drama course at VCA in Melbourne city (see video below, before ANY of her fame happened).  Even before she got out the door, agents, producers, directors, casting agents have been clamouring for a piece of the Debicki name.

In a recent article in ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (as seen below), they mention of her ‘plum role’ in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. Elizabeth is a striking young lady with effortless grace and unaffected charm which is why, I’m sure, she would have been chosen, apart from the fact, she is a damn fine actress.

Performers HUB! Saw Elizabeth in the MTC production of ‘The Gift’ directed by Maria Aitken and playing alongside acting greats such as Australia's Richard Piper. Debicki’s statuesque presence on stage is mesmerising and she shows already, a sense of maturity and understanding beyond her years.

Haven’t heard of her yet?   You definitely will! 

Elizabeth Debicki - Australia's hottest property!

 "You might not know the name Elizabeth Debicki now, but you will.

The 21-year old Paris-born, Melbourne-raised actor will light up screens in January 2012 in Stephen Elliott's A Few Best Men and is currently in the throes of filming a plum role in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire." (Harper’s Bazaar) 

 (picture courtesy of Wikipedia)  

Watch: Elizabeth Debicki is Australia’s next big thing | Harper's BAZAAR

INTERVIEW - It's Here!!! Dec 2011

 The interview we promised - This young Lady has been out of the VCA for just on 3 weeks and has been head hunted by agents (both here in Aus and the US), TV companies & film producers.

Her name is Elizabeth Debicki, and one, we are sure you will see plastered around the entertainment industry for years to come.

This is an interview you will NOT want to miss. Almost a fairy tale BUT very much REAL. This is especially good for those looking to get into the industry or just need some good ol' morale boosting.

This interview comes to you courtesy of the video format.


Performers HUB!

PS: Sorry about the picture and sound quality - this will be better in future interviews



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