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However, it’s very, very likely, that the five minutes of full exertion you apply will actually energise you so much that you entirely forget about the couch, bed, or the tv! An hour or so later, you’ll realise that you completed the task at hand, and you’re feeling much better!



Give it a try!




It always worked for me.






I personally never felt the need to give up and rest once I got going, and I have found that my students say the same is true for them, but do remember, after your five minutes, you have PERMISSION to call it a day, as long as you have given those five minutes your all!


Let me know how you go!



by Kate Lawson Gould

This article is about those times when you know you should be doing something about learning that play, song, dance, speech etc. and a little trick to help you decide whether or not you should proceed.



A sure fire way, to energise you,

even when you don't feel like it!

















You KNOW it’s important, but today, you just want to veg out on the sofa and watch re-runs of…whatever!


So what do you do? Do you push yourself on regardless, or surrender to fatigue and put everything off until tomorrow?

Actually, there may be times when the latter idea is really the best course of action! If you’re really so exhausted that you can’t move, it could even be detrimental to your voice and body to push yourself to work…

How do you know?


Years ago, when I was a student, I invented a cool little rule that worked for me. I called it the ‘five minute rule’.

The deal is, whatever it is you ought to do but don’t feel like - JUST DO IT! GO FOR IT WITH ABSOLUTE, UNWAVERING COMMITMENT - for FIVE MINUTES!


 If, after five minutes, you STILL are too exhausted, then give yourself FULL PERMISSION to take a break until you feel better.



You know the feeling…you should study/practise/prepare/get organised (you get the idea), but you honestly just can’t be bothered!


All day, every day, you have people at you, wanting their pound of flesh! You have to go to work, you have to study, you have to practise!